Increase Revenue for School Athletics

Turn video streams into revenue streams with broadcast advertising. 

NFHS Network Schools Keep 100% of Advertising Revenue

With the growth of high school sports across the country, more and more companies are realizing the potential of advertising to fans. As a result, the power of sponsorships has never been greater at the high school level for athletic programs.

Broadcasting on the NFHS Network creates multiple opportunities for monetization while you engage viewers, subscribers, and advertisers.

School Page Advertising

Your NFHS Network School Page features your video content, social media links, and helpful information for your fans. You can also:

  • Promote sponsorship ads that link directly to the sponsors' digital assets
  • Display up to 6 images at a time that automatically rotate
  • Collaborate with sponsors on ad design if desired



Broadcast Advertising Opportunities 

You can place watermarks for sponsors directly into your broadcasts. Spaces are available in the top left corner of the screen and on either side of the scoreboard. With these ads, you can:

  • Drive more revenue for your programs
  • Increase fan engagement
  • Build relationships with local businesses in your community


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Become an NFHS Network School

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