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Automated Sport Production

Automated Sport Production

The NFHS Network has partnered with Pixellot to offer a new hardware & software solution for automated live event production.

One-time installation
in your athletic venue

One-time payment,
zero recurring costs

Fully automated
(no people required)

How it works

  • Auto-tracking feature enables cameras to follow the action (panning and zooming)
  • No camera operator required
  • Score graphics sync with venue scoreboard
  • All events stream to your branded school page on
  • Each Pixellot unit can integrate with your coaching software
  • Hardware

  • Fixed installation includes:
  • Camera unit - Weatherproof camera in a single mounted unit
  • Scoring device - plugs into scoreboard for automated score integration into the broadcast
  • Desktop Computer - for production integration & video processing
  • New discounted pricing available through
    NFHS Network

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