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Nov 19, 2019 | 7:00 PM EST Colorado Springs, CO This week's KRAM includes the following: a look at the recent Rampart girls' volleyball team and the state tournament, a highlight of several groups preparing pieces for this week's Multicultural Show, a staff profile on Liz Wetherby who has worked at Rampart since it opened in 1982, a student profile on Mujeeb Najafi, a nationally ranked Taekwondo competitor, and finally a piece on some of our talented digital photography students at RHS. All music is either used by permission of the Youtube Creative Commons Library or paid for and used by permission of stock music. Intro/Credits: “Fashion Hip-Hop Groovy Funk” Volleyball: "Push It!" MC Show: "To the Top" Mrs. Wetherby: "Calm Life" Mujeeb: "Street Voices" https://motiona